ACH API Provider

Businesses that understand the numerous benefits of integrating ACH payment processing must ask themselves what exactly they require from an ACH provider. Beyond understanding your business’s transaction flow requirements, there are extraneous ACH API Provider needs that might not be as obvious to the typical business owner.

A few of the most important considerations include:

  • Business/Industry Specific Needs
  • Processing Partnerships
  • Customer Adoption

Business/Industry Specific Needs

It is essential for SaaS businesses that provide services to multiple types of organizations to integrate with an ACH API Provider that truly understands the specific aspects of their business.

For instance, your business may work with both the United States and Canadian based customers. Therefore you must integrate with a provider that offers U.S. ACH and Canada EFT.

Make sure to fully convey the specifics you need from a provider when talking to a sales rep, as even well-informed reps won’t understand the nuances of your business.

Processing Partnership

In some cases, your business and it’s software application can inadvertently become a sales agent for the ACH API provider via integration, as your application is providing free sales and marketing for the ACH payment.

Businesses can add a significant amount to their bottom line via a payments partnership, and simultaneously provide an above-market processing rate (compared to an individual business gaining their own ACH capabilities).

Customer Adoption

Whether or not an ACH API provider will help your business with customer adoption may influence your decision. A good ACH API provider will help your business navigate conversion barriers. When it comes to converting customers from solely credit card transactions to ACH payments.

Proper ACH providers also offer services such as conversion marketing tools, document preparation, etc. When discussing integration with a provider, make sure you’ve discussed these possibilities.

Meeting Your Business’s ACH Needs

For SaaS applications using subscription models, utilizing ACH API Solutions provides clear financial benefits. And a range of other positives for both the application and subscribers.

When considering ACH API providers, you reach out to an industry-leading integration specialist. Agile Payments have helped many businesses and organizations with payment integration, and are ready to help you too. Contact them today for more information.