Top 10 best ideas for websites development in 2022

In the present, it’s becoming more commonplace to utilize websites to make money as a side hustle. But, plenty of concepts have the same potential as eCommerce sites that remain unexplored. If you’ve got the perfect idea for your business, it’s time to earn money online. Creating an online presence is the first stage of your venture.  In the article, we will look at creative website content ideas and provide suggestions to boost the chance of becoming successful.

The Most Profitable Website Ideas In 2022:

Once you’ve determined the type of site you’d like to make, you’ll need to choose your subject matter. To assist you in that to help you, we have compiled our top websites that generate revenue. In the next section, we’ll explore these suggestions and many more in-depth.

  1. eCommerce Website:

  • Setting up an online business is among the most sought-after methods to make money online. It functions as a physical store. The eCommerce store is a platform to market items. Profits are contingent on the number of sales you’ll make.
  • Many eCommerce platforms such as Zyro and Shopify provide a simple method to create an online store site. Furthermore, they provide the tools required to provide the best customer experience and high conversion rates, which is perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs who have no technical knowledge.
  • The only thing left is choosing which products you want to sell and promote your company.
  • If you’re thinking of becoming a retailer, remember these guidelines in your head:
  • Find a niche that is specific to you. Similar to blogs, it’s much easier to sell and promote products in the same area. In addition, it can increase the chances of upselling.
  • Research the eCommerce platforms. Each platform offers different sets of tools for business, features, and payment processors.
  • Embrace online marketing. Don’t be scared to look into different eCommerce techniques for marketing, including social media and email marketing.


  • Blogs are among the most well-known websites and are extremely beneficial for building a brand for yourself. It is not just an ideal opportunity to express yourself, but it can also generate income.
  • Your blog can be monetized through ads, sponsored posts, or a subscription service. Another method to earn money through blogging is via affiliate marketing.
  • It is a commercial model that allows an affiliate to earn money by advertising the merchant’s goods and services. Additionally, an affiliate produces targeted Content that drives traffic to affiliate websites.
  • The amount you make is contingent upon the number of sales and visitors that come through your site.
  • The most well-known affiliate programs are Fiverr Affiliates as well as the NordVPN Affiliate Program, as well as eBay Partner Network. Furthermore, many advertising platforms for affiliates are in place to connect affiliates who are not independent with advertisers, including ShareASale, CJ Affiliate, and FlexOffers.
  • The process that affiliate bloggers follow is comparable to starting your blog. It’s simple, even for beginners. Start by creating blog posts that highlight the products and services you’re targeting in a positive light. Also, make sure that the affiliate link is available.
  • To boost your blog’s growth, adhere to these guidelines:
  • Stick to a particular area. Promoting interesting topics to the people who read your blog helps increase sales and visitors.
  • Make sure you follow SEO’s best methods. Making your site ranked top on search results pages (SERP) can increase the visibility of your brand and which will possibly result in more sales.
  • Create a blogging schedule. Continuously posting blog posts can help increase the number of followers.
  • Study Affiliate marketing and programs. Examine the focus areas, commission rates, and availability before deciding. Some networks and platforms have membership fees and set minimum sales goals that are inappropriate for newbies.

Portfolio Website:

  • Doing visual work requires an enormous amount of effort, time, and money. Using a portfolio site will help you with these problems and provide you access to various employment opportunities. Additionally, the layout and Content are simple to alter.
  • Many website builders provide the tools required to build an online portfolio for your business at the price of a reasonable cost. WordPress offers a variety of page builders plugins as well as portfolio themes that can help you streamline your job.

Here are a few suggestions to build a fantastic web page that leaves an unforgettable impression

  • Brainstorm web design ideas. Look through portfolios of web designers.
  • Make use of your name as the domain name of your website. It will help boost your brand’s exposure and increase the likelihood of being remembered. If you’re struggling to get domain names available, You might want to try a Domain name generator.
  • Provide a contact form. Make it easy for people to contact you as fast as they can. Make sure you add icons for social media and an email address for your business to your portfolio website.

Membership Website:

  • The websites that offer membership earn profits by restricting access to exclusive material, including higher-quality content discounts, coupons, and video tutorials. A lot of forums and blogs choose this type of website as a method to boost their brand’s value.
  • There are a variety of WordPress membership plugins that will aid you in creating an online membership site that is free of code. Some of the most sought-after choices include Paid Memberships Pro and Restrict Content.
  • If you are looking for the most effective membership plugin to use on your website, make sure you:
  • Choose the best plugin for your requirements and budget. Although premium subscription plugins offer more options and tools, free plugins provide lower-risk investments to get you started.
  • Explore the available payment options. Making sure your customers can complete transactions through your website will encourage more subscribers.
  • Take into consideration the inclusions. Choose a membership software with features for content drip with reliable support and integrations with the most popular tools.

Drop shipping Website:

  • Drop shipping is among the most popular website ideas for those who do not want to manage inventory and shipping. Instead, build websites to market items and let the drop shipping company handle the remaining.
  • Although it generates less revenue than traditional stores, Drop shipping websites will require minimal investment to start.
  • If this concept of a website appeals to you, you should consider creating an online drop-shipping site on WordPress using WooCommerce. The open-source plugin is extremely adaptable and offers a variety of extensions that are free and pay to improve the functionality of your website.
  • Before you jump-start your successful drop shipping business, review these suggestions:
  • Collaboration with trusted drop-shipping partners. The ethical standards of your partner will reflect the image of your company.
  • Sell popular products. Be aware of the currently popular products related to your particular niche.

Product Review Website:

  • The idea of a website could turn into a lucrative side hustle for those who love to experiment with technology or new products.
  • Many bloggers make use of this website idea to advertise their affiliate hyperlinks. The only thing you need to build is an online review site, choose the subject, then discover products that you can write about.
  • When your website is gaining recognition, you can increase your website’s reach to something more substantial or even become an influencer in an industry that is niche.
  • Alternately, allow customers to post reviews on your site like G2 and earn revenue from advertising.

Web Hosting Reseller:

  • Selling Webhosting is renting out and selling some resources and server space to users who do not have access. It could be a lucrative side-business for web developers.
  • This business model allows you to bundle a customized web hosting package with your web development project. This means you can earn additional cash while also providing your clients with extra services.

Podcast Website:

  • You might consider starting your podcast if you’re not interested in writing blog posts. Record yourself discussing different topics or products, and then release the recordings as episodes.
  • The website concept is full of potential for monetization. This includes sponsorships and affiliate marketing. This also makes excellent Content for a website that is a member.
  • There are various WordPress podcast templates and plugins available at varying prices. Alternately, you can join podcast hosting platforms like Buzzsprout or Castos to simplify publishing and analytics.
  • There are several aspects you must think about before you start your successful podcast:
  • Make sure you invest in the best equipment. Beginning with the built-in microphone on your laptop might work; however, updating your tools for recording can provide higher quality sound. A few additional audio gears are worth considering, for example, the audio interface or headset for recording.
  • Make sure you’re constant. Recording your own podcast more than a handful of times a week is not necessary. However, adhering to a specific broadcasting schedule is vital to inform listeners when to listen to your podcast.

Fitness Website:

  • If you’re interested in fitness, you could consider making money from your expertise by launching a fitness site. Videos on workouts along with diet advice and fitness equipment reviews are just a few of the numerous content ideas you can develop.
  • Many fitness websites make money from consulting and sponsorship fees. You can increase your reach by opening a store or selling your workout products when you have built an established audience.
  • Once you’ve decided on the kind of Content you want to create, web design London Company can accommodate the type of Content you wish to promote. For example, if your site plans to provide coaching services, ensure that the website is equipped with an option for booking. Choosing WordPress could be the most effective option since it has various booking plugins to meet this requirement.
  • To market your fitness center or gym, use a website builder to build a basic company site or fitness blog. Many website builders provide attractive templates for websites specifically designed for fitness centers.

Online Learning Website:

  • This fantastic web design agency London idea is ideal for teachers and professionals looking to make their expertise available online. Many job seekers seek online classes and certifications to increase their chances of being employed; therefore, this could be an excellent opportunity for business.
  • You could also set up an online learning site that offers practical and craft-based courses for those who are not experts. If you add the right amount of value to your courses, your customers will perceive your name as a trustworthy learning resource.
  • Various WordPress Learning Management System (LMS) plugins are available to assist you in setting up the online platform for your learning.
  • For instance, Sensei by WooCommerce lets you create and sell lessons without coding.
  • Other popular WordPress-specific LMS plugins are LearnPress, LifterLMS, and LearnDash.
  • A reliable system for learning management must include:
  • The course builder. It lets you create courses and add essential documents to them.
  • Content dripping. The release of specific classes is according to membership levels or scheduled dates.
  • Payment gateways. Be sure it is compatible with the currency you want to use and is accessible in all the nations where your intended market is located.
  • Student administration. Monitor student progression, payment history, and registrations


Making successful web design services in London takes effort and time. However, it can potentially be an unprofitable side business in the long term. There are a lot of websites to consider and explore. You should consider your interests when selecting one. Do not be afraid to experiment with different ideas and learn from others who have made their websites into lucrative businesses. This article should help you come up with the most effective website concepts. After you’ve got the concept down, look at some web design ideas and begin working on your website! If you have further concerns or ideas, do not hesitate to contact O2SOFT