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Working from home can add temptation – yes, we’re looking at you. A box of chocolates and different types of potato chips is what some people crave a lot. In conditions of self-isolation, it is so hard to eat right and not constantly look into the refrigerator for something tasty!

In this article, we will help you figure out what healthy snacks are and how not to gain weight while sitting at home 24/7.

14 Snacks You Can Eat Without Getting Fat

1- Pumpkin Seeds

This is a storehouse of health – they contain fatty acids, mineral salts, and protein. Pumpkin seeds protect blood vessels and the heart by lowering cholesterol levels. They are also rich in vitamin E. Studies have shown that eating pumpkin seeds prevents the development of malignant cells.

However, in addition to pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and chia seeds are also useful. You can safely add them to yogurt or oatmeal. Moreover, many addiction treatment centers refer these seeds to their patients because these seeds improve the mood and help to break the chain of addiction.

2- Almond

It is a multivitamin complex that can replace live protein in the diet by lowering cholesterol levels. Almonds are high in zinc, which in turn improves glucose uptake. Accordingly, it is extremely useful for people suffering from diabetes mellitus.

The norm is 50 grams daily. It is also great for snacking along with cashews, walnuts, and pecans.

3- Peanut Paste

It is a mixture of peeled, roasted, and then chopped peanuts, a little sugar, salt, and vegetable oil. This nut product has a high satiety index due to the content of dietary fiber and protein, therefore it can reduce hunger. If you use this paste for breakfast, you would want to eat much less throughout the day.

It is the favorite paste of nutritionists, as it is rich in beneficial trace elements including magnesium, zinc, calcium, vitamin B, and fiber. However, this is a very high-calorie product – 600 kcal, so nutritionists recommend not exceeding the daily norm of 30 grams (about one tablespoon). You can always turn to supplements when it comes to getting more of these nutrients; this article on The Nutrition Insider, for example, has information about some of the best magnesium supplements available to buy.

4- Oatmeal

Of course, we are not talking about porridge from bags, but about natural porridge from oats, which you must boil, and not just steam. The fact is that the particles of oatmeal “from the bag” (that is, the porridge that is enough to steam) are rather tough, unlike natural ones. And they can damage the lining of the stomach and intestines. This porridge is rich in trace elements and fiber.

5- Dried Fruits

There is an important caveat: even though dried fruits contain fructose, they have a fairly high sugar content. When people replace a full meal with dried fruits (for example, dried apricots and dates), they consume a huge amount of glucose. You should not over-eat dried fruits. Therefore, be careful with the portion, 50 grams per day is enough daily.

6- Vegetable And Fruit Chips

Another favorite food for nutritionists is vegetable and fruit chips! All these snacks are healthy – they do not contain sugar and are well absorbed in the body.

7- Dried Nori Seaweed

They are high in iodine, iron, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins A, C, E, K, and B. They are a great alternative to chips or crackers. In general, there are no contraindications; dried nori algae are useful for everyone. They are low in calories and nutritious.

8- Whole Wheat Toast With Tuna

Tuna is rich in protein and zinc, while whole grain bread is a source of complex carbohydrates. The perfect snack is obtained! Again – keep track of the amount, 20 toasts will not do good.

9- Dark Bitter Chocolate

It is a unique snack because it contains a high amount of magnesium salts, which the body often lacks. Even during the wars, long-range aviation pilots were given dark chocolates. It improves eyesight and enhances immunity. A deficiency and decrease in magnesium salts can lead to seizures (when limbs are cramped).

10-Healthy Sweets

Healthy chocolates are made most often from dark chocolate, dates, walnuts, and cocoa powder. Endocrinologists recommend that people with diabetes should eat one chocolate candy rather than three bars because these are not the healthiest products.

11-Apple And Fruit Puree

Applesauce is rich in fiber and healthy carbs is easy to digest and will leave you feeling full. As for the serving, 100-150 grams per day is sufficient.

12-Unsweetened Yogurts

This is a fermented milk product in which there is no sugar, so it will not be possible to drown out the feeling of hunger for a long time. From the point of view of a quick snack, it is quite a good option.


It has nutritional properties, which reduce appetite, saturating the body due to its high-fat content. Contains a large number of complex carbohydrates and protein, is a source of potassium and magnesium.

Potassium removes excess fluid from the body, normalizes the water-salt balance, and magnesium ensures the functioning of the body’s metabolic processes. Avocado also contains a large amount of protein, so it can easily replace meat.


Be careful when consuming grapes, pears, watermelon, and melon because all of these foods are high in sweet fiber. Persimmon is very useful.

It is rich in potassium salts. But this fruit can harm the figure (hips and stomach) because it is almost completely absorbed and deposited in problem areas. Also, apples (better baked) should be added to the list of recommended fruits.

Summing Up

The list of the above snacks will help you eat healthily and safely without getting fat. During the time of the pandemic, these are also the safest options for food lovers. Check out Jorge Garcia’s weight loss journey, it will motivate you.

We are hopeful that after reading this article, you would try to avoid harmful food and eat the ones that are good for your health. Gaining weight by staying at home 24/7 is easier but losing it can be very tense. So, instead of going for harmful snacks, eat the ones that won’t make you fat.