Let’s face it – most passive income advice found online is a scam. To put it bluntly, making money simply isn’t that simple. If it was, you would have kid millionaires around every corner. There are, however, some reliable ways to make your home budget grow while you sleep, and a few of them won’t even require you to spend any additional time setting them up. One of the most time-effective ones is leasing your GPU power to the GPU server rental company.

Why Would Someone Pay For Using Your GPU?

Smart question! After all, before you lease GPU, you want to make sure that the company advertising for it won’t just try to steal your data or implement some other shady practices. The answer has to do with the fact that the specialized, dedicated GPU server isn’t the only possible way to employ the capabilities and hashing power of the GPU in any given project.

The equally viable solution involves using a bit of the capacity of the countless individual GPUs, connected together via the Internet in one large distributed cloud computing model. Such solutions have been a true breakthrough in many areas of software, science, industry, and business, allowing for building fast and scalable projects that previously weren’t possible.

That’s where your individual GPU comes in. By signing an agreement with a reliable GPU server rental company, you can start making money right now, using hardware that would otherwise only lose value with time. Below we present a quick list of the steps you need to complete to start generating passive income in such a way.

pay for using your GPU

What Will You Need to Earn Money With Your GPU?

There are several steps you must follow to make money by leasing your GPU power to a company that sells GPU rental services:

1) Research the Companies

First, research companies that offer GPU rental services and find out which ones are looking for people to lease their GPU power. Hashmarket is the best example – they specialize in GPU rental, they’re invested in their business, and ensure high service quality for their vendors.

2) Check Hardware Requirements

Before the dollars start to accumulate on your account, you need to carefully read the requirements for the hardware your chosen company can utilize. Make sure your GPU meets the specifications to eliminate disappointment further down the road.

3) Sign up With The GPU Rental Provider

Contact the company and express your interest in making a deal. If the company already advertises for it, that’s a good sign they’ll be willing to lease GPU from you. Ask them about their leasing terms, payment rates, and any other relevant information. If you come to an agreement, amazing! You can now sign up, familiarize yourself with the dashboard and start setting up your GPU.

4) Install any Required Software and Start Earning!

The company will likely provide you with software that will allow them to access your GPU remotely. Install it and double-check – you want to make sure it is running properly. Once your GPU is up and running, the coast is clear! Still, remember that the amount of money you can make will depend on the terms of your lease and the demand for GPU power at any given time. It won’t be millions – we don’t want to sugarcoat it for you – but on the flip side, you won’t have to lift a finger to earn in.

5) Monitor Performance

Okay, so won’t need to do much to lease GPU, but there will be still some maintenance to keep an eye on. Monitoring the performance of your GPU is essential to make sure it is running smoothly and efficiently. If you notice any issues, contact your rental company for assistance.