KeepABit Review

It is much better and more helpful to read a review on exchanging platform and learn all the details from personal experience.  So, I went ahead and browsed the KeepABit exchange platform and various other platforms to compare it with. Basically, KeepABit exchanges Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC).

Here are the four reasons why I exchange with KeepABit:

  • Flexible payment methods
  • Safe and secure
  • Advanced technology
  • 100% Authorized

I also found some legit details about the platform, is possessed and worked by Tactive Pty Ltd., an Australian organization, with enlistment number ACN 640 555 764, with AUSTRAC advanced money exchange permit number DCE100709736-001and Independent settlement permit number IND100709736-001. That is just for all to know that platform is properly regulated.

Now I will start by how I found this exchanging platform. A friend of mine initially told me about KeepABit and asked me to try it for a couple of exchanges. I gave in to her request and since then I have been a member of this platform. When I first visited the website I thought that it was very lively and nothing like the other exchanging platforms. Because the color scheme was so bright it caught my attention right away. What later on engaged me was their smooth layout. I was and still am very impressed with their simple and sleek layout.  There are so many things on which I tested the platform before making an account on it.

Registration and Verification Process

KeepABit has an emphasis on privacy and security which I was desperately looking for. It already made me feel comforted and I was halfway close to creating an account but opening an account that quickly is not a smart idea, so I went ahead and went through the platform contact services, their market news articles, and to top it off their payment method.


Like any exchange platform, the essential thing that I wanted to do when I chose it is to open an account right away. To create and I had to provide my email ID, my dull name. Phone number and a security code. It honestly took me less than 5 minutes to complete my sign up. The platform sends an email of confirmation and I was ready to exchange right away. It was astonishing how it and quick sign up was. It shows how the platform has put in extra effort for dealers to feel relaxed while making the decision to join the platform.

Sometimes for extra security, the platform will ask for some sort of government, your picture of maybe driver’s license to confirm your identity.  When the platform made such a request to me I simply gave them a copy of my government ID card and was back on the track to exchange with KeepABit. That is all it takes to be a part of the exchanging platform.


The KeepABit platform is actually the snappiest one at present working in the crypto market. To me, it was extremely evident that the platform has locked down inset in a sensible execution for the exchange platform. Something different that makes the exchange platform incredible is the ability to do exchanges within a few moments and sometimes it even only takes two minutes (which to be straightforward is exceptionally quick contrasted with different platforms). This is the reason KeepABit has had the option to stand separated as a capable exchange platform.

The cycle to finish the crypto exchange itself is brisk and beneficial. It was easy didn’t require me to deal with anything extravagant. KeepABit platform ensures that the best game plans for exchanges are accessible to its establishment while managing in the crypto market.

The fast preparation of this exchange helps move the cycle further. One factor that has been perceived as a characteristic of the exchange platform is its ability to sit on arrangements till they become gainful for the client. Thusly, the platform can offer a target of focal points for a dealer or essentially any individual who needs to utilize this platform.

The KeepABit platform is certainly known for its ease. This makes it easier for new customers like me to investigate their way easily through the platform.


This is likely the main piece of the platform. With the new age, a wonderful advancement in cryptographic money has helped structure this new age market. I research that KeepABit realizes how to make everything fair concerning overseeing monetary specialists that are somewhat more straightforward with respect to dealing with their capital. Each crypto exchanger can get to this exchange platform and rely upon correlation with respect to procuring cash.


You can make incredible advantages.

I always kept the target of the market in view, it was crucial for me to know exactly in particular what platform had to bring to the table and to break down the extent of the benefit. This is where the KeepABit platform comes through. It can guarantee an advantage for all of its customers toward the completion of the exchange meeting.

Against Money Laundering & Discount Policy

I noticed that the discount policy was laid out on the first page of the platform. Although if you visit the site all the policies are available at the bottom of the page and they have a separate section too. The discount is returned to the source from where it started. I could also choose to push your resources ahead.

There is more documentation that goes into play. The Company knows about your source move. In this way, in case you choose to change the source to which your discounts are moved, there will be additional information that will be needed by the platform to ensure that security is included.

The standards followed by the association ensure that breaches, for instance, anti-money laundering don’t occur. What comforted me to know more was that these guidelines are appropriate to all of their customers. Distinctive enemies of illegal tax avoidance approaches and various forms of rules and guidelines are set up to ensure discipline. The association screens all your huge accounts to guarantee that there is no irregularity that occurs during your exchanges.

Information and accounts join an ID archive and a copy of your Visa or bank details. This affirms the information that is also made sure about if there ought to be an event of a discount. It is evident concerning their policies that KeepABit isn’t joking in overseeing unlawful practices that may disturb their exchange post. Eventually, with this security, they are truly dealing with all the customers.

Online Security

Since the subject of reliability constantly stays in a basic state, I noticed KeepABit gives full assurance to its customers. The exchange platform has developed a strong system that guarantees that there is no possibility of computerized theft. Your account can’t be hacked on this exchange platform as it generously follows and implicates these policies very seriously.


  • Privacy Policy
  • AML/CTF Statement
  • Refund & Cancellation Policy
  • KYC Policy

The KeepABit group has sorted out some ways to ensure its sellers concerning security. The prosperity of the platform is checked in the guidelines. All the information you enter is securely taken care of. The actual deposits have been ensured on the exchange platform.

Client assistance

The customer care group that has been set up by this platform is useful and instructed in the crypto field. They react steadily. While there are a couple of timings that face a delay concerning getting a sensible response on time, it isn’t so clear. The most amazing aspect the market can slack even the best customer care organization every so often.

One thing that stands separate from this organization, explicitly, is the way that the assistance group can oversee customers in various languages. This ability to talk in different languages winds up being helpful on a larger scale. Anyone who wants to use the platform from anywhere in the platform can try this platform. They are sensible resources for the actual platform.

  • Live Chat
  • Phone call
  • Email
  • Form

This platform offers practically all methodologies through which the client can contact them. May it be Live chat, a call, an email, or even a form. They have ensured that each approach is successfully working and that customers are happy with them.


There are various options spread out by KeepABit for deposits and withdrawals. This includes the standard bank wire transfer and the Visa alternative. This one is a respectably current and helpful other option. Digitalizing the market has moved to the chance of an e-wallet seeing the exchange of cryptographic money.


While the handling time can be for the most part long, it is positively advantageous for different reasons. It may take up to several business days now and again. I am never worried about it because we all know that sometimes it takes a little time. But in the end, KeepABit always comes through.

My Conclusion

I have really been astounded by this current platform’s execution. I have had the alternative to depend upon this platform for a grouping of reasons. The advantages of organizations offered by this platform are many. The one thing that urges them to stand separated is the extra steadfast quality. The platform is clear with its security rules. This ensures all information that is exchanged on this platform is up to the assumption for the customers.