Live Stream

Influencer collaborations are the true and tested way of promoting your products and brand. Influencers who are ready to collaborate with your goals and have great profile stats, help you to increase your brand awareness, drive traffic on your website and boost sales.

Live streaming commerce offers you an effective way to grab influencers into your campaigns. When a renowned influencer and a brand combines, it’s quite impossible for audiences to ignore your live show. For instance, an automobile brand can collaborate with an influencer to host a live walkaround of a car.

You get excited or thrilled when a celebrity or an influencer responds to your comments. This sense of excitement increases when your favourite influencer or celebrity interacts with you in real-time. Hence these prominent personalities can become the face and voice of your brand and increase your brand reach. Brands can collaborate with influencers according to their niche and generate sales and grow their audience.

Advantages of Collaboration 

Builds Trust

A Live video is streamed with complete transparency as everything that happens is raw and unedited. This gives audience an opportunity to engage with influencer/celebrity in real-time. A live commerce platform is a perfect tool to build the trust of your audience. To grab more attention let an influencer host behind the-scene tour of your office. You can also invite a celebrity to interview some of your staff members and audiences can have a real-time conversation with them or ask them questions in the chat section.

Exhibit Authenticity

When an influencer collaborates with a brand it helps in building the brand authenticity as people already consider these known faces as authentic and loyal. Also, with the help of video commerce these influencers provide audiences a clear picture and information about a brand and its product.

Supports Your Content Strategy

Every individual influencer has a unique way of creating content. And being a part of that particular brand they create an absolute unique content and according to the niche of that brand.

Help Retain Customers

Influencer marketing has become so popular that now it helps your brand to grab more number of viewers or customers. Nowadays customers do not trust the advertisements anymore. What they believe in today’s time is feedback and reviews from people they know and nothing is better than an influencer promoting your products or brand in front of their followers via live stream shopping.

How to choose right influencer for live stream shopping

    • Has expertise in the same niche:  Look for an influence who works in the niche as that of your brand. For instance, If you are a travel company, look out for all the travel bloggers and collaborate as their interest in travelling will help you to have exclusive content.
  • Look for their engagement metrics: Researching is the optimal way to know about the caliber and potential of any influencer and also how authentic is their profile.Therefore, you must always look out for the strengths and weaknesses of an influencer.
  • Choose different types of influencers: There are various types of influencer available like micro- influencers, expert influencers, buy barcodes, bloggers, vloggers and steamers. You must analyze the right influencer you need to promote your brand or products.


Because of the influence of the pandemic, some brands like Halfmoon Sandwich Shop
fell back more than a decade ago, and some grabbed the opportunity to complete iterative reconstruction. Live streaming for retail gave brands this opportunity to boost their revenue and stay ahead from the online crowd.