Looking for Talent

Employees are the most important part of any company. If you don’t find the right ones, you could struggle to keep ahead of the game.  Whether you’re new to hiring or you’ve simply had rough luck keeping up with changes in the industry, you’re not alone in this.  2023 is going to be a year full of big changes and booming business. Here’s how to make sure you have the right team at your side.

Bring Them to You

The biggest mistake someone can make when they’re hiring is making a million different accounts and trying to hunt them down on every single avenue you can.  Although this will get you a large number of applicants, the amount of time and money put into this isn’t worth it when you consider how low quality most of these will be.

Instead, it’s a good idea to bring them to you.  This can be done through simple projects like advertising or by using SEO keywords to pull them in from one single Google search.  Are you recruiting web developers in Colorado?  Make sure when they search for work, your company comes up first.

Working Socially

Social media has been in hot water recently since companies have been changing hands, algorithms have been reworked, and people are less likely to trust companies than ever before.

Consider which website most of your potential employees would use, and then work to advertise there.  Like you’d target a market of customers, consider where your talent would spend their time online, and get in contact with them!

The Right Career Sites

There are many career, hiring, and talent acquisition websites that will try to get your attention and say they’re the best option out there.  Don’t let their advertising lead you astray if they don’t seem to have your company’s best interests in mind.  Instead, go with industry-recognized and well-tested sites like Jobvite that focus everything they can on getting you the employees that suit your needs.

Let AI Be Your Friend

AI can seem like a wild technology, but it’s one of the top tools that will be making a splash in 2023.  AI can quickly go over the information of every employee, seek out those who have the good work history, attitude, and skills, that you need- and will save you a lot of work and stress that can come from doing this yourself.

Remember Your Current Talent

Your current employees are the best place to start!  If you want to get some awesome references for new talent, talk to your workers.  Let them know you’re hiring and offer a bonus for anyone who can bring in a high-quality worker.  Make sure to set a limit for how far they have to make it before that bonus is released to make sure nobody cheats the system.

2023 is the Year of Hiring

Whether you’re starting your firm in 2023 or you’re trying to expand operations, this is the year to fill your employee quota.  Consider some of these tips to make your hiring go smoothly!