5 Memorable Vanity Numbers That Made Brands Stand Out

Vanity numbers are arguably the best marketing tool for businesses that market their products/services via phone calls. Including a vanity number in your advertising campaign will attract the attention of your target customer because the number is unique, informative, and most importantly, easy to maintain.

Vanity number will also make your business stand out from the rest because it indicates professionalism and care for your target customers. This blog will discuss 5 memorable vanity numbers that made brands stand out.


Many households in the United States are familiar with this vanity number. It is one of the most successful vanity numbers ever made and is owned by College Hunks Hauling Junk. So, the big question is why is 800-JUNK -USA one of the most successful vanity numbers on the market?

First, it is incredibly simple and easy to remember. Anyone including, passers-by can recall this number at first glance. This number also creates a perception of professionalism and longevity.

More so, it communicates what the business deals with thus removing any doubt that the customer may have. All these factors combined have made this vanity number very popular and made the brand (College Hunks Hauling Junk) stand out above the rest.

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You can already guess the name of the company that owns this vanity number just by looking at it. FedEx is one of the most successful transportation and logistics companies in North America. Part of their success comes from their unique and easy-to-remember vanity number.

The company’s CEO, Mr. Rajesh Subramaniam once said in an interview that their vanity number has played a huge role in their success in this highly competitive industry. 1-800-G0FedEx is simple, memorable, and unique. You can quickly remember the number and the company at first look.


1-800-FLOWERS is one of the largest flower companies in the US. The company has over 150 franchises, over 2500 domestic affiliates, and over 1300 international affiliates. Besides its diverse and quality flowers with unique floral arrangements, another thing that this giant floral company is known for is its great customer service which is largely attributed to its vanity number.

This company has one of the most popular vanity numbers in the United States. The number is simple, easy to remember, unique, and tells what the company deals with. Most people prefer ordering flowers from this company because their vanity number is easy to recall.

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1-800-GOT-JUNK is a giant full-service junk removal company. One of the reasons behind the success of this company is its unique and easy-to-remember vanity number. You don’t have to write down their number as is the case with most of their competitors. Instead, you will quickly remember it at first glance, and that has given them an edge in this highly competitive industry.


1-800-DIRECTV is a popular vanity number for DIRECTV, a multichannel video programming distributor company. This company largely depends on phone calls for marketing and their unique and easy-to-remember vanity number has given them an upper hand over their competitors.