Since the rise of technology, mobile phones have been considered an integral part of everyone’s life. People have started completely depending on their devices. From their personal to professional information like HR search firms, they have it all saved in them. With this rising use every day, a change is necessary. Without upgrades, people will start considering them useless. That is why every day we see a new revolution in the tech world. It is impossible to assume mobile phones without networks.

So, the experts are working on upgrading the networks from 4G to 5G. This advancement is the most progressive and amazing advancements with various benefits. Mobile phone manufacturing companies are working on network advancements. They are making the smartphones 5G enabled to make the experience better, faster, and stronger. To do that, they’ll need to turn off a small number of mobile sites for a short time. This will affect the coverage at some postcodes, but only temporarily. After that, the networks will upgrade and users will be able to experience a whole new advancement.

What’s happening?

As simple as it sounds, network advancement isn’t really simple of a procedure. Mobile companies and service providers are working on making the best network for data. A big amount of money is being spent to pave the way for 5G. 4G will sound primitive after the arrival of 5G. As part of the upgrade, there will be a replacement for the kit at different mobile sites. To do this, companies will need to go offline for a short period. In some areas, the work will start from scratch and it might take up to 3 weeks. But it is expected that the upgrade will get completed sooner than that.

Will you be affected?

This is a very valid and the most asked question since the network upgrade news was out. People are worried about how they will get affected by this upgrade. You will get contacted by your respective companies or network providers. They will inform you via email or SMS if they will have to go offline at your home address or near any area you regularly use your phone.

People will also get updates when the work will get completed. The whole process will take almost two to three weeks. There is a possibility that some areas might not get affected at all. They will only experience a brief decrease in coverage and that’s it. Companies are working on strategies to make this as less time consuming as it can be.

Are these upgrades worth it?

Companies have been working on taking the network to the next level. With the network upgrades, 4G+ compatible devices are also being designed. This will increase the speed by more than double. Even if you don’t have the mobile upgraded, you can still enjoy a boost of more than 50%. It depends on what place you are located in. The companies are also getting ready to launch next-generation 5G technology. 5G is considered the fastest network and it will be introduced soon in the markets and the devices as well. You just have to get a 5G compatible device and get ready to experience the speed that you have never experienced before.

Can you still make calls?

As explained earlier, there will be a brief decrease in the network. it depends on the place you live in or play at the place the upgrade is being done. companies will optimize the near mobile sites to minimize the impact. You will still be able to use your cell phones like normal in the areas where there is no work being done. whether or not there is a decrease in signal, you will still be able to make emergency calls. A network upgrade means that the connection will get interrupted, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot use a Wi-Fi network at home. If you have a compatible phone you can use Wi-Fi like normal and can continue to use the mobile network when the upgrade is complete.

The network upgrade is certainly the greatest news in the technological world. People will be able to use and experience mobile phones as they have never done before. Streaming and browsing will take no time and you will enjoy great speed after the upgrade.