Nodejs VS Python

The choice of a web app’s back-end technology is based on several factors. In any technology stack, high performance and scalability have a strong ability to take your application to the next level. However – to keep such factors in mind, Node.js vs. Python has become a hot topic when it comes to the best back-end technology. We researched and collected key differences between Node.js and Python in order to decide which is the best back-end technology. Read more to learn more!

A Quick Insight of Nodejs and Python:

As an open-source JavaScript runtime environment, Node.js was created by Rhyan Dhawl in 2009. It can be used to build client-side and server-side web applications. Python, on the other hand, is an object-oriented, general-purpose programming language developed by Guido van Rossum in 1991, and offers an extensive collection of libraries and packages for creating dynamic web, mobile, and desktop apps. While Nodejs and Python serve similar purposes, they have some distinct differences.

Nodejs vs Python – Who Wins the Battle?

Performance & Speed of Nodejs and Python

As Node.js is built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine,  it can handle concurrent requests quickly and efficiently compared to Python. Hiring a developer from top Node.js development company can help one leverage the power of event-driven and non-blocking I/O models that allow building highly scalable and real-time applications. On the other side, Python is an interpreted language that is not directly compiled into machine code, and additional features like Python Global Interpreter Lock (GLI) limit the ability of effective request handling, resulting in non-scalable and slower performance.

Scalability of Node.js & Python

Both Node.js and Python are capable of handling scalability to some degree, but Node.js’s event-driven approach and non-blocking nature give it an advantage when it comes to handling concurrent connections and achieving better scalability. Although Python uses a traditional method, it has a slower runtime interpretation, which results in decreased scalability.

Extensibility of Nodejs Vs Python

The extensibility of a language or framework refers to its ability to incorporate new features and functions easily. Nodejs features NPM Node Package Manager offers tons of packages to add seamless functions to an app. Although this is the case, Python has not backed down, it also has an extensive package library that allows Python developers to leverage several frameworks that eventually overcome performance and scalability problems

Architecture Support

The architectures of Node.js and Python reflect their respective design philosophies. Node.js prioritizes performance and scalability by employing single-threaded, event-driven architecture support. Python, on the other hand, aims for versatility by following a traditional synchronous approach, making it less optimal for applications that demand high concurrency and scalability.

Libraries & Tools

The burden on developers can be reduced if they have easy access to a wide range of libraries and tools. Developers with a rich library ecosystem, such as Nodejs and Python, can provide ready-made solutions to coding challenges, improving productivity and providing better community support. Even so, library selection is dependent on various factors, so hiring a developer from a Node.js and Python development company can help you build robust web apps.

The Key Difference Between Nodejs and Python:

Take a look at this table that summarizes the main differences between Nodejs and Python – Have a bird’s eye view!

1CreatorRhyan DhawlGuido Van Rossom
2Launch Date27 May 200920 February 1991
3Latest. V (2023)Nodejs v20Python 3.10.12
5Code TypeSynchronous programmingAsynchronous programming
6App SpeedFaster and ScalableSlower compared to Node.js
7Request HandlingMultiple thread requestsMultiple thread requests
8CommunityVibrant and activeQuite Large
9UsageWeb app and programmingServer-side scripting language
10Cost of Building…Depends on complexityDepends on complexity

What to Choose Between Nodejs VS Python?

Ultimately, the choice between Node.js and Python should be based on your project’s specific requirements, the expertise of your development team, and the scalability and performance characteristics you seek.

Additionally, if you are someone looking forward to developing a real-time web application or streaming web application that demands real-time communication, high concurrency, and JavaScript expertise- hiring a Node.js developer is a wise step to make.

On the other side, If you are one of those whose main focus is to develop a

versatile and user-friendly web app that involves data processing, analysis, and scientific computing – hiring a Python developer can be a fair choice.

Wrap Up:

Sufalam Technologies is here to help you develop scalable apps that grow your business, whether you choose to use Node.js or Python. Our goal as a leading app development company is to deliver a successful app that impresses our clients and their client’s clients. Let our team select the best backend technology for your app and take the backend performance to the next level by getting in touch with us.