virtual high school

Switching careers can be anywhere from mildly thrilling to overwhelmingly stressful. Whether you’re working in a humdrum position and you want more genuine satisfaction from your job; you’re hoping to get a promotion, earn more money, or find a better work-life balance; or you’ve been out of the working world due to personal circumstances — like raising children or caring for a loved one — know that you’re not alone. In 2021 alone, it was estimated that one in five Americans switched careers.

Based on your unique situation, one option to help you shift career trajectories (and alleviate the stress that comes from this major change) is returning to the world of education through a virtual high school. eLearning through an accredited virtual high school is just as effective and legitimate as schooling at a brick-and-mortar establishment — and could be the best way to achieve your pathway goals.

Here’s how eLearning through a virtual high school can help you to move forward with your career.

You Can Graduate High School

Some careers, including those in the military, require potential employees to have completed some high school grades. In Canada, military candidates in the province of Ontario are expected to have passed either Grade 10 or Grade 12 of high school, depending on their desired position.

Fortunately, those who haven’t earned their high school diploma or passed these required grades can explore Ontario online schools and find the best fit for their schedule and needs.

A bonus pointer: a virtual high school can also help teens who are keen to shift focus. Teens can take advantage of their free time over the summer months to take courses that aren’t readily available in their brick-and-mortar school, upgrade course credits, improve their level of knowledge in a subject, and explore a course they hadn’t considered before.

You Can Earn Credits to Gain Entry to a Postsecondary Institution

If your desired career change involves returning to college or university (or heading there for the first time in your life), you may need to upgrade specific high school course credits or to take completely new courses that you didn’t consider when you were in high school. A virtual high school makes this viable and straightforward for mature learners and teens alike.

A major benefit of eLearning at a virtual high school is that you can do it whenever it works best for you — the coursework is available 24/7. This means you can continue working and earning in your current role until you have the credits you require to apply for the postsecondary institution of your choosing.

This situation offers you financial stability and comfort. Knowing that you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket takes the pressure off while you navigate your pathway change.

Virtual Learning Can Help You Achieve Your Pathway Goals

Some career changes won’t require you to boost your education, but for those that do, know that a virtual high school can help you set the fundamental stepping stones for a successful career change.

Virtual high schools offer an abundance of courses that may not be available to you in person. They offer asynchronous learning and virtual support from certified teachers — and each of these benefits sets you up for a stress-free and successful eLearning experience.

Whether you need to pass high school courses, graduate high school for the first time, improve your credits in a course you’ve taken previously, or take completely new high school courses to gain entry to a college or university, an accredited virtual high school can help!