Tech Loving Friend

In this day and age, technology is the talk of the town. If you have a tech-loving friend or family member, they deserve different gifts than generic cards. Today, the latest gadgets are the most thoughtful gift one can give to their tech-savvy loved ones. Since most tech-lovers already have basic gadgets, this article will cover gadgets that go beyond the usuals. Today, there is a technology that monitors everything, from bad posture to drinking water reminders. Hence, here is a list of gifts your tech geeks will love.

Smart Mugs

These smart mugs can keep your drink at the same temperature for a long time. Depending on the battery and the temperature you set, a single battery will go a long way. Various companies have launched their smart mugs and have upgraded them too. All the settings of a smart mug can be controlled from your smartphone through an app. It is usually a handwash-only device with various liquid capacities. Your loved one will never have to think about their drink going cold/warm.

Ghost Hunting Gear

If your friend is interested in paranormal investigation, ghost hunting gear will prove to be a good gift for them. Various companies like spirit shack offer interesting ghost hunting equipment. There is a variety of latest gear that can keep your friend hooked for a very long time.

Smart Garden

If you have a friend that feels they can never keep plants alive, this gift is for them. Smart gardens include a planter base with an inbuilt water tank that can hold enough water for a month. It also has an LED lamp to ensure the plants get light according to their needs. It can withstand a range of climates. Some kits also come with starter pods, so the recipient can plant them indoors right away. Green thumbed technology lovers will fall for this instantly.

Latest Drone

There are various types of drones available that you can choose from, depending on your friend’s expertise. Users can usually control these devices from a remote controller or their smartphones. The latest technology has a battery life of 20 -30 minutes battery life. The budget-friendly options offer 10 – 15 minutes of flight time. It can be connected to a smartphone and make it a viewfinder. Most devices also have a built-in LED light that also can be used as a flashlight and is even great for photography. If your loved one loves tech and photography, this is the best puck for them.

Smart Speaker

Smart speakers are one of the most hyped products of this year. You can find the type that fits your purpose and budget. From bricks to bars and even sound systems, you can take your pick. They are usually compact, elegant, and packed with convenient features. Also, They come with a remote and can be connected to smartphones to use all their features. They can be controlled by spoken commands and can communicate with other devices synced to them. They make a perfect gift for anyone in need of a home entertainment upgrade.

Wireless Earphones

These earphones are the latest upgrade to earphones. They are wireless and often just pods. A variety of them is available worldwide, with options that fall in all kinds of budget categories. They offer noise cancellation and wireless charging, making the whole process effortless. It is a no-brainer tech gift that anyone will love owning.

Wire-less Turntables

There is a vinyl revival going on around the world these days. An eye-catching turntable will be a great gift for your music and tech-loving friends. Usually, they have built-in Bluetooth, so you can manage audio wirelessly. They are available in budget-friendly options too and are entirely customizable also. This trendy piece will spark excitement in anyone.

Action Camera

An action camera is a great gift for adventure and sports enthusiasts. They are compact, durable, water and dust resistant, and easy to operate. They can be mounted to helmets, dashboards, tripods and can also be strapped to human bodies. Since there are various ways in which they can be mounted, they can be used in diverse ways. Action cameras can take stills and videos in HD and have the best stabilization available in tech gadgets. This is what your tech-loving friend needs to make sure all their adventures are recorded with uncompromised precision.

Robot Vacuum

This robot can clean floors for you. There are models available now that are amazingly efficient and affordable. Little charging goes a long way with robot vacuums. Some can even hold a months’ worth of dust and debris and have self-cleaning features too. This makes a perfect gift for your busy friends who are clean freaks.

No matter what the interests of your loved ones are, there is something about the latest advanced technologies that make a perfect gift. Whether you want to spend less or more, you will easily find your fit. The list above has options for people with a variety of interests, owing to the ever-evolving technology.