Investment Center

I have had many years of experience in the trading industry and this accounts for a well-valued input for newcomers. You see, it has taken a number of instances to shape me into the trader that I am today. In the long run, I wouldn’t change a thing about the experiences that I have had in the trading world. But I have been there when you start out, and every experience feels heavier than they are. The losses weigh you down and gains have you soaring way above your current position. It takes time to find that stability where you can apply a consistent approach to get a viable income.

For now, you will be able to get this stability through a dependable organization. The online trading platforms are designed to accommodate a variety of traders. Ever since 2008, you will find the options to trade monetary standards, indices, crypto, stocks, ETFs and other alternatives through CFDs. You just need a broker with a vision to help take your trading to the next level.

The Investment CenterOne such broker that has shown considerable growth in its list of clients is The Investment Center. This broker is already well on its way to build a decent reputation for itself as it offers its clients room to grow in today’s market. Now, this is a vision that you don’t come across very often and most platforms advertise perfect service features on all accounts from the get-go. While this may be something you perceive to be essential in the beginning, it is not suitable in the long run. The market is constantly evolving, whether it is in financial instrumentations or security regulations. If firms do not leave room to adapt to the changing circumstances, they become a liability over time.

I have been meaning to review this platform for a while now but held back from doing so earlier as I wanted to get an in-depth overview through my own first-hand experience.

Overall Outlook

Now, I wanted to assess the overall package that this platform presents from the get-go. The powerful trading experience that it exudes is evident from the way the server is designed. The layout itself accommodates all service features. I am personally a fan of the stencil graphics and the bright theme, as I prefer to use servers with a brighter outlook. While there are many traders out there who find that the darker color scheme exudes elegance and a certain stature for the trading platform. I on the other hand am always looking for interactive interfaces, for they make the long hours of trading seem a little less mundane.

The logo of the company fits in the top left corner and has integrated graphics that allow you to return to the main page from anywhere by just clicking on it. These trivial factors help you save a whole lot of time during strenuous trading hours. The Investment Center simplifies its outlook to accommodate newbies who are looking to invest in the market. These days, even seasonal market casino buffs are getting serious about trading. Instead of throwing money at random securities year after year, they are relying more on trading platforms to help them guide their way forwards. In such cases, it is essential that a trading platform is able to provide a simplified outlook, one that is straightforward and user-friendly. The Investment Center follows through with the same precision and accuracy as its competitors and presents a secure environment for traders.

Security Regulations

Apart from the first look, this is one factor that contributes majorly to the selection of a trading platform for me. Web-based trading calls for a significant degree of trust that a platform has to work towards achieving. If you are not able to be comfortable with a trading platform, you won’t be able to depend on it in the long run.

Security Regulations

The Investment Center is a certified CFD broker that aims towards setting certain standards when it comes to security regulations. This is exactly why they have limited access to their servers from certain regions of the world. The fact that residents of the United States cannot access this platform can prove to be an inconvenience for certain traders and also this platform as it loses considerable customers owing to these restrictions. But the fact that the platform is stringent about its security policies sets precedence.

You can assess the legal framework for yourself by going through the documentation available at the end of each page before the disclaimer. The Terms and Conditions, Bonus Policy, Privacy Policy, Anti-Money Laundering Policy, Risk Disclosure Statement and Withdrawal, Refund & Cancellation Policy are all available as separate documented pages for you to go through. I did feel a closer connection with the platform after reviewing their framework and I found this transparency very refreshing.

Facts You Can’t Ignore About the Platform

  • The Clear-Cut layout
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Smooth Trade Operations
  • Compatibility With Various Devices
  • Transparent Network of Security Regulations

Proficiency in Trade

Moving on to the overall execution of the platform that amounts to the trade operations, you will be introduced to a series of analytical tools. Now, if you are someone like me who likes to prepare a plan before starting a trade session, then you will need to use these specialized analytical tools to your advantage. They will help you prepare trade reports conveniently. The chart proves to be the most effective tool of them all as it illustrates the current scene of the market.


There are a series of custom features in the chart that you can use to your advantage:

  •         5 Chart Types
  •         9 Chart Intervals
  •         35 Chart Indicators

You have the option to select either one of the nine price intervals. Now you must have obviously heard of trading with the trend. Whether you are a follower of the trend or not, The Investment Center accommodates a feature within the chart to help you assess the currency pairs for yourself depending on their current buying and selling rate. The assets can be allotted based on Trending, Daily% Change, and Name; so it’s up to you how you wish to sort your trade data.

I like the overall features that the platform has introduced but would have preferred had they kept the support option on this page as well. Most platforms input that option here to aid their clients in interpreting the trade data. The Investment Center on the other hand had me redirecting myself to their support section to inquire about certain things.


The Investment Center has invested a lot in its own domain so as to ensure that no external applications are needed for asset management, price prediction, market alerts, etc. They do not compromise on the security of the platform which is why they process each parameter themselves. This requires them to design unique tools with special applications and the firm stringently monitors them on all accounts. Not only does this allow them to cater to the needs of the clients better, but they are also able to solve any further problem by themselves.


For example, I experienced a problem with the alert tool as it kept indicating a minor alert as a major one. While it took me time to report the error in the online algorithm, I realized how a beginner could have misinterpreted the bid altering shift. The Investment Center has since then fixed the problem. I was fairly impressed with the way they handled the situation and made sure that all their servers were refreshed in due time without any delays.

Another factor that makes this platform self-reliant is the asset allocation it has. The 200 tradable assets accommodate all the popular categories of indices, stocks, forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. I did not find the indices collections up to my requirements, but it was the crypto collections that had me hooked. Most platforms do not index cryptocurrencies in their assets as it is a volatile asset and I have always had to trade cryptocurrencies from separate platforms but with The Investment Center I was able to trade almost all of my assets.

Deposits and Withdrawals

If you are looking to trade, you will need the option to deposit and withdraw your earnings, and The Investment Center makes sure to provide you with a safe and secure platform to do so. The various methods of transactions include:

  • Bank Wire
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Bitcoin

The platform does not have an option for PayPal, so traders used to that method of transfer might face an inconvenience of sorts.

Closing Arguments

The Investment Center offers an enormous scope of trade openings and these opportunities if used wisely will help build your profile. I gained a lot of my wisdom in the trading scene from my broker, David Green. He taught me a few tricks of the trade that led me to make better choices. I was able to focus more on making consistent profits rather than large profits followed by a string of losses. I credit the momentum that I have today as a trader to the amazing support that I received on this platform from its experienced brokers.