Virtual Private Networks

VPN stands for a virtual private network and what a VPN does for you is it connects you to another server with a virtual tunnel, masks your IP, and allows you to access through firewalls and website blocks. And most importantly, a Virtual Private Networks (VPN) keeps your online activities safe from prying eyes and usually blocks cookies that track your web journey. You can either opt for a free VPN or a paid one. The core functionality of both types of virtual private networks are the same as they protect your online trail. However, paid VPN networks generally have much more to offer.

Why Do Internet Connections Get Slow with VPNs?

When someone uses a VPN connection, their internet speeds get affected. It happens because of a number of reasons. Some of the main reasons why internet gets slow while using a VPN are following:

  1. Encryption Overhead
  2. Distance from VPN Servers
  3. Server Load
  4. ISP Throttling

Encryption Overhead

VPNs encrypt your data to protect you and your connection from prying eyes. The process of encryption of data requires additional data and processing power which impacts the speed of your connection. For example, you may have noticed that the speed of your free VPN for Android impacts the download speed. But on the bright side, data encryption protects your privacy so it is a price worth paying.

Distance from Virtual Private Networks (VPN) Servers

Physical distance of your device from the VPN server is another factor that impacts the speed of the internet. Connecting to a server with a nearby location can help you significantly against dropping internet speeds. But oftentimes, you may have to connect to a faraway server. Generally, VPN providers have over a dozen to more than a hundred servers.

Server Load

Higher server loads also impact the speeds of connection. During peak hours, connection speeds feel slower. The impact of server load becomes more prominent when you are engaged in activities that require more data like online gaming, streaming, and video calling.

ISP Throttling

Some internet service providers slow down the internet intentionally. It mainly happens because the ISP cannot inspect encrypted data and therefore often limits internet speeds.

But the slight slowing down of your internet speed is a small sacrifice you make for the sake of secure and private browsing. If your work requires you to use a Virtual Private Networks (VPN) connection at all times, it is better to upgrade to a faster internet connection. Taking this step is likely to help you with all the above mentioned browsing speed affecting aspects.

Are Free VPNs Secure?

A lot of people question the legitimacy of free VPN connections. Among other things, they ask how companies are able to offer free service. The answer to the extent of security is that it depends on your VPN company. It is best to look into a Virtual Private Networks (VPN) network before using its free or paid version.

Many VPN companies have a freemium type of service. The free service is accessible with limited features, servers, and connectivity time. After paying for the service, you get access to more advanced features.

Some companies make you watch ads for access to the VPN. Such companies support their services just like how most free Android and IOS apps do. The frequent ads can feel annoying at times but the free service and the benefits of a standard VPN make them worth it. With ads becoming more frequent almost everywhere from video streaming applications to social media, ads are starting to feel more tolerable for most users.

Who Should Use a VPN?

Anyone who wants to browse the internet privately and securely. Using a VPN also gives you access to restricted content. For example, you can have a bigger library on streaming platforms. In addition, you may experience better ping with gaming. There are plenty of other benefits of using a virtual private network as well.


With so many prying eyes and threats over the internet, using a trusted VPN is highly recommended for users. There may be some downsides like your internet speeds getting impacted or annoying ads, but tolerating them is worth it when you weigh them against the benefits. So, do check out some VPN providers.